This and that

Got a delivery from sartor yesterday


The gorgeous big blue griffins were intended to make cushions for the two crowns, but his majesty has decided his purple silk tunic isn’t long enough, so now they’re destined for the bottom of his tunic and I have to order more silk for the cushions.

it will be the same silk again, because it’s the only one I like. And also because having ones monarch coordinate with ones soft furnishings is all the medieval rage…

the purple eagles are for a new throne canopy, as john and I have both been long unhappy with the old one, and when I saw this I knew it was perfect.

i will have to trim the purple though, since it’s a bit too wide, so maybe the oFfcuts can line the enamelled casket which came back from the gilders( via a huge delay on the m1, ggrrrrr….) this morning


My workshop time next week will be spent making hinges and mounting it up.

workshop time this week didn’t involve finishing anything as such, but I did find my gold reserve…


There might even be two whole grammes there.

i can see you’re all overawed by my obvious wealth.

but, in between working on larger projects, I used the gold reserve to get a head start on a few Christmas presents.


I haven’t decided who will get what yet, and they won’t get pins until they’re assayed, but I think they’re cute. The sheep is my favourite.

ow. I am bleeding. Just got run over by a startled cat.ow.

~ by opusanglicanum on August 20, 2015.

16 Responses to “This and that”

  1. Oh dear, I have just looked that site up.This is going to cost me a lot of money in future! It’s so amazing!!

    • I’ve been waiting months for them to have replica designs in actual silk rather than rayon. I mean who the hell buys rayon?!?

      • Me for making goth dresses probably! I like the idea it can go through the washing machine!

      • Goth I could live with ( even though rayon is sweaty stuff) but people buy it for reenactment, this I cannot condone under any circumstance, dressing like a queen isn’t a budget activity

      • No, that’s really stupid & wrong. Even I wouldn’t do that. However I bet (apart from the goths) there’s quite a big market from American Renaissance Faires that run that murky grey area between reenactment and fantasy fancy dress parties. I could see people buying it for that. It does seem to me though that silk should be the default option & rayon the addition, not the other way round!

      • I’m sure most of it does go there, which makes it even more nonsensical because the last thing you want to be wearing in that kind of heat is a synthetic. Yuk

  2. Brooches are adorable. What startled the cat?

  3. You do so many cool things! I love those animal (soon to be pins, I hope!) You could go into production on those and I’m sure you’d have buyers! I like the sheep, too, but that pig is oh, so cute! I have a few friends who would love the cats! The pin cat, not the one that ran over you in a fit of excitement.

    I think the King just liked those gryphons so much, he just wanted to wear them! I do not blame him. Gryphons are one of my favorite fantasy beasties.

    • Most of my family are very fond of pigs ( my granda used to keep them) and I’m a bit worried there might be a fight over who gets piggy. But if there is I’ll just make the culprits sit in the corner with no wine

  4. Yes, the brooches are lovely. I hope you heal soon!

  5. More gorgeous projects! As ever, I love to see what you’ve been up to. Far more productive than me. 😉

    • Speaking of which how is squirrel girl coming along?

      • Squirrel girl got put aside so I could finish my PhD thesis, then taken off the frame so that I could move house and … yeah, hasn’t gone back on there yet. I do want to finish her, but unfortunately embroidery is pretty low on the priority list currently.

      • you should finish her, she was coming along nicely. taking things off the frame is a big psychological bar to finishing, as is moving house

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