Paris update

Ok, so the weekend didn’t quite go as planned, and work admin stuff has been getting in the way of my sewing time these last couple of days, so slow progress has been made( I was hoping to have done the gold by now) but at least progress has been made.


The sleeves were done with some mill remnant silk, which is a little coarser but a lot closer in texture to medieval silk- I wish I could get more like it.

her hair was originally going to be a much more golden, brassy looking yellow. But then the brassy yellow was upstairs and I was too lazy to go and get it so she ended up being golden retriever blond instead. The tasteful golden retriever blond is another remnant bit, and I didn’t realise how much thicker it was until I’d done a few stitches. My first thought was to pull them out and start again with a thinner bit, but when I looked at it I really liked it. So I did a few more stitches and really really liked the textural contrast, so it stayed.

~ by opusanglicanum on August 26, 2015.

12 Responses to “Paris update”

  1. She looks great – the thicker golden retriever hair does make a good contrast to the finer stitches on her face and dress.

  2. Medieval chav checking her iphone?

  3. I agree with sue’s comment: the hair looks great together with her fine dress.

  4. Yes, a great contrast with the dress – and the lapdog (who looks an absolute poppet, by the way!)

  5. The size variant of the threads works really well.

  6. but somehow she looks a bit short to me. or is this a visual Illusion?

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