stitchalong kits and materials list



If you want to use your own materials you will need
fabric, either a linen or wool is best, of reasonably even weave. two pieces roughly 30cm/12inch square
threads, I use wool of roughly crewel weight (appletons is the nearest commercial brand to the stuff I dye myself) although any fibre can be used for this technique, each having its own differing results and challenges.
A needle, obviously.
Fabric for lining your purse and extra threads for tassels and braids.

Whether you use your own materials or get a kit you will need a frame of some description on which to tension the fabric – this technique must be worked under tension. When I teach classes we lace the fabric onto a sturdy wooden square but at home I use one of these
sturdy, easy to use, easy to tension, and cheap.

if you buy a purse kit it will contain-
wool fabric marked with the design
naturally dyed threads (each kit will be slightly different colours, so please state your preference, a key will be provided)
linen thread and wax for assembly.
silk fabric to line

I’m also offering a larger version for cushions, this will also be veg dyed wools, with the same wool cloth marked with a larger version of the design, but this kit will not include cushion pads or backing fabric (if you want the same cream wool to back your cushion I have it listed on picklepatch)

I’m working during the week at the moment, so kits will be made at weekends and posted the following Monday.

Purse version stitchalong kit with uk postage included in price.

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purse version stitchalong kit with EU postage included in price

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purse version stitchalong kit with usa postage included.

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purse version stitchalong kit with rest of world postage.

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cushion version uk post.

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cushion version EU post.

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cushion version USA post.

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cushion version with worldwide post

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lets see if that works.

if you would like multiples, or would like to add anything listed on picklepatch, leave a message and I’ll sort out an invoice with combined postage.

cushion version worldwide post

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29 Responses to “stitchalong kits and materials list”

  1. I won’t be stitching along with this one, but I’m happy to keep an eye on the Flickr group if people want to post progress pics. It’s at:

  2. Maybe I’m too tired, but does 30 cm square mean a square with a 30 cm side or with a 30 cm diagonal?

  3. I am waiting for pictures, then I will decide whether to be lazy and just get a kit or be practical and use what I have. Last year’s kit was great – I can’t wait to get started!

  4. Hmmm… Very tempted indeed… I should probably finish the swan I’ve half-done first…

  5. I keep trying the the kit with USA postage I keep on getting the kit with UK postage it is the one for the cushion. I am going to try to get supplies here in the USA today. Next time if I could pay you in advance, because it is really hard to get supplies where I live. Thank tou, Sandra

  6. I want to stitch along and have all my own supplies. how do I get the patterns for the images you are stitching?

  7. The link for cushion version eu post ist broken – could you please fix that?

    • I’m having computer problems this evening so it might be tomorrow before I can fix it. I’ve sent you a paypal request instead (less complicated) Yell if you don’t get it

  8. I am ready to order. I want to get a cushion kit and 10 hanks of your wool from Picklepatch. Can you give me a price for those two items please? Postage to New Zealand.

  9. The exchange is just climbing daily – I wish I hadn’t waited.

  10. Paid, thanks, I emailed you about colours

  11. are the designs ready for down load yet? I would like to be notified when they are please.

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