zodiac seasons, spring

yay me! I finally managed to persuade my new laptop to talk to my phone!

Now all I have to do is remember not to drop the giant embroidery frame on the new laptop lest it meet the same fate as the old laptop. Because if that happens not only will I have to buy another new laptop, but I will have to ask john for help with the new laptop, and then I’ll get another telling off for having too many photos on my desktop (there was wagging of the finger, there was)


Spring, cloaked all in green. I’ve worked his face in exhaust madder for a youthful complexion, whereas summer will be somewhat pink and sunburnt, and autumn will be brown.

Because He was worked in hand/without a frame, I kept catching glimpses of his face from funny angles, so that whilst I was working on him he variously looked simple, grumpy, and as though he was trying very very hard not to fart.

I have started on the script between the two figures, so hopefully I will be able to soon update the washed and stretched version with both figures plus text

~ by opusanglicanum on September 15, 2015.

9 Responses to “zodiac seasons, spring”

  1. No such thing as too many photos…! Your stitching of Spring is amazing considering it wasn’t worked in a frame – if it was me the tension would be right up the creek!

    • according to JOhn I’m meant to keep them on an external drive or on a stick, the problems being I don’t know how to work and external drive and I loose the sticks in about five seconds.

      I like working split stitch without a frame. It does distort a wee bit, esp when you work circles, but wet stretching bashes it back into shape

  2. He’s fantastic! I rarely even imagine stitching without a frame or hoop never mind actually doing so!

  3. Who’s a pretty boy, then! Very vernal – and probably a right little horror when his mummy isn’t looking, just like March on a bad day.

    • I have a lifelong distrust of angleic looking little blonde boys because my best friend when I was kid was one, and even I thought he was a proper little shite. The scariest moment of my life was Gordon’s fault. He had a Shetland pony, an entire stallion by the name of Hercules, who was ginger with a temper to match. One day when we were about eight his mum sent us down to the loosebox to groom Hercules, which I sat at the back of the box quietly getting on with whilst Gordon was near the door winding hercules up. Hercules eventually had enough, turned round and backed Gordon against the door so neither of us could get out, reared up and put one hoof on the wall either side of Gordon’s head whilst making full-on stallion war noises, teeth bared millimetres from Gordon’s face. Obvioulsy by this point I was cowering in the corner, convinced I was about to watch my best friend get his face ripped off before I got the same. Gordon started crying, which seemed to satisfy Hercules that he’d made his point, so he went back on all fours and left Gordon whimpering. Hercules came over and huffed at me, as if to say “don’t be silly, you’re a mare, why would I hurt you?”

      I’ve been terrified of Shetland ponies ever since.

  4. Well done you, indeed. And I think Sue might be onto something regarding his behaviour when unsupervised. You keep an eye on him in case he starts throwing embroidery frames around…!

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