Fishy dishies

Last year we went to the Christmas market at lincoln, and I bought a tiny dish with a mouse on it for branston. Branston was very impressed with his new dish, I don’t think he really cared about the design, but he was very impressed with it’s miraculous ability to fill up with dreamies, poo sticks, and prawns.

then I broke it, and he looked even grumpier than he normally does. Which is pretty damned grumpy indeed.

so when we went to lincoln for my birthday we tried to track down the potter, but she wasn’t in the shop. But we did manage to get her card and order dishes with Hobbes and branstons names on


They were both so pleased with thier new dishies, or more accurately the miraculous ability of said dishies to fill themselves up with dreamies, poo sticks, and prawns, that they used thier pocket money to order some as Christmas presents for feline friends and family.

and when I say ” used their pocket money” I do of course mean that they hacked my paypal account. Again.


Maus maus klaus is particularly amusing.

Any way, Hobbes, branston and Gagarin ( Leah the Potters cat) would like you to know that Leah has a new etsy shop, and they they would like you to spend all your money there so that Gagarin can order a huge crate of industrial strength nip and invite branston and Hobbes round for an orgy. Dancing hare pottery 

~ by opusanglicanum on September 20, 2015.

12 Responses to “Fishy dishies”

  1. Sigh. It comes to something when the cats start spending your money. Any minute now, they’ll learn how to operate a can opener and turn you out of the house!

    • Can opener operation instructions:
      1) mew pitifully till human approaches can opener
      2) stare meaningfully at can opener till it starts opening the can
      3) mew bracingly till human understands they may transfer food to dish.

      They worked it out years ago!

      Nice dish, though, in opusanglicanum’s house 🙂

      • Branston doesn’t eat from tins, he says they’re not fit for a feline of his refined tastes and sensibilities. He only eat pouch food, and only the expensive kind, and he goes off it and refuses to eat it if I buy more than a weeks supply at once

    • They’re far too lazy to do the w word. I’m pretty safe until robot butlers become a reality

  2. Cats have slaves… ;o)

  3. And here I am…ooh(looks round)its nice in here, thanks for the mention opus!
    Gagarin says he has got opposable thumbs, but keeps his gloves on as he cant abide jealousy…

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