Opus course pics

I have finished paris, but she’s all prepped to be slip mounted so she looks a bit funny. I started mounting her on purple velvet as a demo on Saturday, but the colours didn’t work so I’m going to put her on brown instead.

in the mean time here, in no more significant order than that from which they came off my phone is my students work from the weekend


Im looking forward to seeing this one finished, the unicorn is rather sweet


Isnt he gorgeous? I love the teal, and the curls, although I suspect he’s not as innocent as he looks


This was Wendy’s second piece as she wasn’t happy with the first, the drapery has gone much better.


The loVely lady joscelyn is destined for a velvet cushion


St Patricks pint of Guinness is destined to have a foamy head of applied pearls. It sounds hard on the teeth but he looks as though he’s looking forward to it.


This little chap needs his bag of money finishing before he’s done ( don’t we all). I love the teeny weeny pearls on his headband.


I love her hair.

~ by opusanglicanum on September 29, 2015.

8 Responses to “Opus course pics”

  1. They do look good. Your students have been doing well!

  2. These are grand – looks like a fun (and very informative) time was had by all!

  3. It was a great course. Thank you, Tanya. Wonderful tuition and guidance. It was inspiring just being in the same place as a lot of your work. So interesting to see it in the … er, flesh isn’t the right word…. thread!
    And I cannot praise enough the quality of the teatime snacks. A huge thank you from my kids who had the leftover macaroons. The involuntary yum said it all.
    I look forward to future courses, and would recommend them to anyone.. except that, having sewn with silk now for the first time, I don’t want to go back to cotton. I may have to take on more work to feed my addiction.

    • Glad the macaroons found a good home.

      Cotton floss is horrid stuff, I don’t know how anyone sews with it. I do have some perle cotton, cos that has it’s uses. Would you like a little twist of plied silk? It’s no good for opus, but it yummy for other things.

      I do love working wool tho

      • That’s very kind. Yes, please!

        I enjoyed the wool on the sitchalong last year. I particularly liked the light blue, as there was a slight variation in colour and it was rather lovely. I loved the way it looked and felt when it was finished.

        Was the gold thread we used the 2% gold variety? I can’t remember.

      • 2%,yes.

        Send me your address and I’ll pop some in the post

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