Furry cloak progress


I spent the day shaping the treerats into a semi circle. I was worried though by how delicate the skins are, they tear quite easily. However I’ve taken apart enough old furs to know that they often have reinforcement at the back, so, not having any special furriers suppliers I’ve sewn bias tape across the back in pretty much the way I’ve seen dissecting other stuff. Hopefully it will ad a bit of strength.

the cats have NOT been helpful today, every time I lay this flat one or the other of them will do that thing cats do where they run into the middle of it and skid, rumpling it up.

~ by opusanglicanum on October 17, 2015.

8 Responses to “Furry cloak progress”

  1. Good to see the treerats are being useful even if the cats are being a nuisance!

  2. my cats would try to kill the pelts over and over again (and quite successfully, I fear…)

    • mine are both little gits about it, but there were little offcuts for them to murder

      • Imagine how happy they’d be if you could tie a couple of bits to a Roomba. Of course the vacuum would be killed in minutes. But-triumphant felines!

      • last Christmas I bought them one of those automatic swishy cat toys, they dismantled it a lot. UNfortunately branston thinks computer printers are also cat toys, the last one died of dismemberment…

        we’ve been keeping the office door locked

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