Obligatory Nottingham post.

For the first time in years the Robin Hood festival was open for an evening. Of course at this time of year that means illuminating the tent. I had been making chandeliers, but decided a few weeks back that finishing them for Nottingham would probably finish me. Instead we crammed cheap pound shop led torches into our vellum lanterns – not at all authentic, but we had to consider the safety of the public.


We had candles as well, of course, and I love the way the tent looks at night.


Luckily the weather was very calm this weekend, so the candles burned well without dripping. Not only does this make washing the linens much easier today, but it meant one set of candles lasted all weekend – those things aren’t cheap!

In the rush to set up on time I did forget to cover the metal tent pole on Friday night, so please excuse that( I saw to it first thing Saturday morning, honest!)


The tealights in the silver chalices are another bit of a cheat, but they do bounce a lot of light around. I hadn’t intended to hang the unfinished zodiac, but there was a gap and I don’t really do less is more when were being royalty.

i got the purple eagle silk canopy finished and I think john shows up against it better than on the old red one. His treerats cloak still needs some tablet weave, but he and I are still debating what colour it should be. The cloak clasps are also to be replaced- they’re possibly the most shoddy bit of work I’ve ever done ( I spent a whole evening on them and it really shows), plus they look a bit matronly, as if king Richard has been raiding his great aunt Maud’s jewelery box…


I still want to paint the throne, but it’s going to be back at Kirkleatham museum for a while before I get the chance.

Keith loved the brown tunic, and his son Karnak ( I’m never sure if I’m spelling his name right or not and I keep forgetting to check) loved the loan of the striped tunic and bling.


I thought the red Phrygian cap finished Keith’s outfit beautifully, but certain people called him papa smurf all weekend.

i think the bling went to Karnak’s head a bit though…


We get visitors from all over the world at Nottingham, john thinks he’s met the citizens of pretty much the whole world by now. The boys were telling me rather lustily of three very attractive Spanish girls who had an audience whilst I was absent on Sunday, which makes me think that perhaps my next church project should be a silver flail to keep thier lustful thoughts in check, save that I suspect they’d probably enjoy it too much.

I got my other sartor silk made up into cushions


On Sunday I twisted some blue silk cords and sewed them to the edges of the cushions, but my phone battery had died by then. I love that blue with the orb.

I splurged on a new jug( the one on the right) from Jim the pot


And was very excited to discover that one of the church Lillie’s was a mutant freak lily. On Sunday brother hospitaller and I were debating whether it was a sign of gods blessing or a sign of the devil. I was tickled by the idea of a demonic blossom but he insisted upon accentuating the positive.


John and I have been going to this event for 25 years, and Eric the rat-catcher and his lovely wife whose name temporarily escapes me have been a constant joy. I had no idea he was 78, this weekend was thier last professional engagement, so I insisted mrs ratty had a moment of pretty princessdom to mark her many years of faithful if somewhat flea ridden service to his majesty.


I shall miss them both.

rebecca, of the household, came to one of my classes last year, and seems to have picked up my unfortunate penchant for ambitious projects


And his majesty, being the great numpty that he is, forgot the special box for handing out chocolate coins/ alms to children, so we had to use my new enamel casket


( yes, the coins say ” I heart pirates” I couldn’t get anything else)

No, you don’t get a picture of me. I came down with the most dreadful cold Saturday morning, and despite being dosed up to the eyeballs on daynurse( which turned my pee the most alarming shade of neon orange) I felt like death, several people very kindly told me I looked like death too.

I would like to thank Keith, Karnak,James, Theo, Ross and Ricky from bifrost guard for all thier hard work as guards, and everyone else for letting me have a lovely weekend.

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16 Responses to “Obligatory Nottingham post.”

  1. Wow, sounds like an amazing weekend! The orb and silk arrangements are gorgeous. I am sorry the Rat-catchers are retiring, but surely they will show up as visitors at future events; it’s in their blood, even if they aren’t keen on the traveling and schlepping at their age.

  2. What a wonderful weekend that sounds. Hope the cold is better soon!

  3. It looks very grand and royal in that tent. Shame about your cold: these bugs do know how to time themselves for maximum annoyance.

  4. I think that the new casket is entirely appropriate for alms -though you could see if one of the choc companies would subsidize the contents!

  5. It looks wonderful, love the candles. I’m not allowed them in our tent anymore “sigh”. Hope you are feeling better now

    • For safety or authenticity? We did nearly had the whole tent up in flames on a windy day a few years ago

      • For safety reasons, Tanya. We had a tent fire earlier this year when a candle tipped over. Him indoors goes pale at the mention of candles these days

      • I hesitate to light them if it’s gusty, flapping tents can knock the sticks over, which did happen once. The chandeliers are going to have led tealights as I’m not happy with real candles so close to the tent roof. Ironically, although it’s not authentic, tealights in silver chalices are relatively secure( and they really do bounce light about) I’ve seriously considered knocking up a few extra jelling cups just for that purpose.

  6. Oh, exquisite as ever. I never cease to be amazed by your set up. *gack* One day! One day I will see it in person!

  7. Carnac (don’t worry about the spelling, he knows who he is) and I had a great time as always with you and John (and the cakes!). The tunics were superb – I have no idea how you managed to make a tunic that fitted me perfectly without taking any measurements! Anytime you need a chamberlain and a page you know where we are :).

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