halloween shirt

I actually made this in summer, but it seemed inappropriate to post then.

the back is made from a bunting kit, sewn together as-per-not-instructions.

h shirt back

the N got lost in cutting, hence it says “happy hallowee”

And the front has houses, the haunted kind, because it amuses me to think of Gareth renovating them, and glow in the dark skulls and ghosties.

h shirt front

(I’m sorry, but that was the best, every single pic of the front came out a bit blurry)

I only really made it because I found these cute buttons, I’m such a button whore

h shirt b

I can’t even find my Halloween skirt for tonight, even after turning the costume room upside down (might be slightly overdue for a good tidy in there) so I shall be storytelling in head to toe black with a big feathered venetian mask. I shant even see Gareth until bedtime because I’m working telling stories on the HMS Trincomalee(the event is called spoo quay), which sounds glamorous, and it is a lovely ship, but the captain’s cabin wasn’t built with acoustics in mind, so plenty of tea will be drunk

~ by opusanglicanum on October 31, 2015.

13 Responses to “halloween shirt”

  1. Have a wail of a time!

  2. I’ve seen the HMS Trincomalee, so I shall be imagining you sitting in the Captain’s cabin while we’re driving across the M62…
    In spite of the acoustics, I think you’ll have the best of it!

  3. That shirt is mental – in the very best way!! Love the Trincomalee – better the Captain’s Cabin than on deck! Did my Hallowe’en storytelling last night at the local museum as a vampire pirate.

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