Better box pics

Gareth got some clearer pics of the enamelled casket. I did have some construction pics but I think I wiped them to make room for stitchalong piccies ( I find it almost impossible to ever delete a picture of my idiot cat from my phone, so it gets quite full)



I’m much better at hinges now.

And this is why my phone is full


I was a Tudor today, and divided the class into a large group of illiterates, and a smaller group of literates, which I then subdivided into slightly literate( able to read but not write) moderately literate ( able to read and also write thier own names), and properly literate. I always make sure the properly literates are two or three boys so we can talk about how few women were literate in the Tudor era, so I asked what our two literate people had in common.

child, “they’re both wearing school jumpers, miss”

me, “something they’d still have in common with no clothes on…” ( I’m fishing for someone to tell me they’re both boys)

small boy, ” they both have todgers, miss”

see, in the daft things kids say bingo I play in my head, that young man gets bonus points for use of an excellent comedy word…





~ by opusanglicanum on November 3, 2015.

8 Responses to “Better box pics”

  1. The casket looks wonderful!

  2. Thanks to Gareth for the new photos – yes, it’s a really grand casket. I’m happy now I can see it properly. And thanks for that entertaining story, too.

  3. Hee, also for getting the answer right. I’m sure as an incursion (do they call you that in the UK? It always makes me think of crap war movies, but here, it’s the proper name for the people who come to you instead of making you go to them on an excursion) it’s partly your job to give plausible deniability to the teachers when the kids get a bit more “out there” (as my ex-teacher mother would say) than they’re really meant to.

    And my goodness, it’s still an amazingly lovely box. Also a nice cat.

    • never heard of incursion in that way before, so no, not a uk thing. I always think it’s my job to get them hyper and then leave, but don’t tell the teachers that.

      hmmm..,people who know branston usually don’t use the word “nice” “violent little git” is the more usual choice

  4. What a delightful casket. And an equally delightful story! 🙂

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