I haven’t much to show for myself this week, on account of the fact I only had two days of being well after my cold before I came down with another stinker. However I’m sticking to my habit of posting something/anything at least once a week, so have a half finished grinnigogg.

the internet informs me that today is national ginger day, hence I made him ginger. I honestly think that’s a combover though…

oh, and the calendars are here, I’ll post them out next week.

~ by opusanglicanum on November 12, 2015.

14 Responses to “Grinnigogg”

  1. He is wonderful. He would be a great design to put on a cushion… could take everyone by surprise!

  2. My sympathies, we had two colds one after another, and I got quite grumpy with myself!

  3. Hope the cold goes soon. Colds that come back are a right pain, but at least you should be pretty immune for a while, once your system has finally nailed it. Grinnigog is a delight. He’d be great hidden away somewhere where he can surprise people with his lovely pink tongue – just inside the mouth of a bag, on the back of something, under a flap….

    • This I’d definitely a separate, second cold, which is just plain annoying. He’s part of the psalter fantasy, so he’s kind of right in the middle, cos I liked the cheeky face

  4. I have fallen in love! He is my soul mate! Have to stitch him will he be in a kit or is he part of the Stitch along? Is it okay I join the stitch along after the Holidays? I ask you once before, but now I am now going to be a little later. Can I still buy a kit from you after the Holidays for the USA? Thank you , Sandra

    • I can do him as a special request kit if you like,( he’s part of the Lutrell fantasy) and you can order a stitchalong kit anytime you like – the posts will all stay up.

    • Will he be hard to do? I have not done any Medieval needlework and have be longing to learn for a long time,but did not know wear to look. How much would a kit for him be? Also what is the Lutrell Fantasy and what part does this Character play in it. Could you explain the Lutrell Fantasy is it a tale if I like it could you kit the whole thing and how much would cost? I am from the USA Thank you, Sandra

      • the lutrell fantasy is a large piece I’m currently working on, its about 2 1/2 feet by 5, with lots of little marginal doodles from the lutrell psalter woven together – if you click the lutrell psalter tag at the side it ought to bring up all the progress pics so far. He is moderately difficult, I’d try the sttichalong first and see how you get one before ordering him as a kit

  5. Missed you at TORM yesterday. Hope you’re doing ok.

    • sorry I missed you. I tend to only be there Friday and sunday. because gareth comes with me and he doesn’t do re-enactment we go out for a day together on the Saturday (Usually just a bit of light mucking about in oxford) and then we can be around to help john with the setting up and packing away

      • Ah, drat. See, I almost always go on Sat because I inevitably am herding around new members who need to get there before the basics are sold out.

      • not being there on the Saturday when theres actually time to shop is very good for me, cos if I spend too much time around the cloth I take it all home with me

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