zodiac summer

I have to admit I’m not entirely pleased with summer here – he’s a little bit too fat (my dodgy freehand outlining) and I’m still not sure about the colours I picked.


However he has improved radically at the very last minute, so much so that I wish I’d taken a before picture before I started this morning.

His blue collar had been looking a little odd (I wanted some blue for summer skies) but once I put the jewels on that really tied that part in.

And for weeks, whatever I did, he would insist upon looking as though he’d just accidentally stepped in dog poo (not helped in the least by the ever so 1950s hairdo), but when I finished his face during my lunch break the last thing I did was widen his mouth a little and it’s really given him a sunnier disposition.

I was trying to explain my worries to Gareth over a drink in the Turf Tavern in Oxford on Saturday, but his only comments were something sarcastic about him holding some weird hybrid between asparagus and a lilly, and the fact that the basket of wheat looked surprisingly like a basket of wheat. I think on the whole it’s probably best that he decided to go into science rather than trying for a career as an art critic, cos waldemar januscheck he really isn’t…

*if waldemar happens to read this blog, I apologise for almost certainly spelling your name wrong, but seriously, you must be used to it by now.

~ by opusanglicanum on November 18, 2015.

3 Responses to “zodiac summer”

  1. I can imagine that the jewels made all the difference – imagining him without them loses quite a lot!

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