bits and pieces

I got the blocking done on the next bit of the Lutrell fantasy. It would be nice if I could get to the stage of rolling along again before Chirstmas, but alas I have so many presents to finish/make/wrap that I doubt it will happen – in fact I’ll be lucky to get the details done on this owl steed.


I did make Gareth  couple of new Christmas shirts though. First was this black one from a remnant I got at Sam Tailors in summer.


And I think I bought this grey snowflake print with silly santas on our Christmas eve shopping trip last year.


I’m not sure you can quite see the poinsettia buttons, but I thought they worked well.

He hasn’t had a chance to wear any of them yet as he’s been doing jury duty all week.

In other news I’m rattling along with Autumn, except that I sort of sketched in his beard for later, and at the moment he sort of looks a lot like Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon…


I will try and load the last part of the stitchalong sometime next week. I have to ask gareth to convert the stitch diagram to pdf, and with him being stressed out about the jury duty thing I will have to time the request carefully so as not to get one of his patented drama queen hissy fits in response – wish me luck.

( I was thinking we’d start the second figure sometime in January)

~ by opusanglicanum on December 2, 2015.

6 Responses to “bits and pieces”

  1. At least Autumn doesn’t have the long nails to go with Ming’s beard..!
    Love those poinsettia buttons very fancy!

    • they’re gorgeous buttons, aren’t they? They were in little packs of ten in the craft section, them and the green silk tree ones on the black shirt, for only one fifty a pack, which is more than you often pay for a single nice button. I think I’m going to have to go back and stock up

  2. Ming’s Chinese Restaurant special coming up!

  3. Two very fine shirts. Eye-catching fabrics for first appearances, and grand buttons for later appreciation. ‘Ming’ looks like he might throw those fruit bowls right at you if you annoy him.

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