Stitchalong part four

I’m really sorry about the delay with this installment. I’ve been having technical issues with downloading the PDF for the detail lines. I decided to go ahead with a photo of the PDF drawing right at the end of the post, which I will endeavour to replace with the PDF within the next 24 hours. But you can see most of what you need, I hope.


Work in split stitch as with the face.

Start with the dark outlines.

if you want to you can miss out the brooch on her chest.


But if you decide to include it you need to put a circle of split stitched colour inside and along the pin.


Then work the band wrapping her distaff.


Those of you with kits will have noticed that I haven’t marked the line of thread from distaff to spindle. This is because it’s only one row of stitch, and the marked line would show on the finished piece if you went even slightly astray, so it’s best to either work freehand or mark temporarily with chalk.

i did the thread line after the white highlights ( the leg circles are optional, I haven’t put them on the pattern) and I’ve done mine in a contrasting colour so you can see it better, but you can use the same colour as the spindle if you prefer.


And here is the drawing



~ by opusanglicanum on December 20, 2015.

12 Responses to “Stitchalong part four”

  1. The details bring the whole thing to life!

  2. She looks beautiful!
    And she reminds me that my mail account still won’t show me your paypal invoice. Is it possible that you send me the amount of money I have to pay for a kit by “normal” email?

  3. FINALLY I get a chance to catch this up!
    I have to start again. I got my colours a bit wrong. Luckily I have not done very much. I have a week off the radar camping, No power or phones, and this project is front and center. I will photograph my progress and have saved the tutorials to a local file on iPad, but I think I might print them off too. Just in case.

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