Some shirts

I did warn my stepdad that one of the shirts I’d made him was perhaps a bit challenging, but I’m not sure he knew what to expect.

i made him a shirt of many beasties

imageimageimage In the end he loved it, but it felt like a bit of risk making something so loud. I should add that although my stepdad is in his late 70s it was the groom who wore pink at the wedding, and maybe anyone who can  put up wi my mum for 31 years ought to wear a clown shirt?

dad got diggers- fabric chosen by Gareth.


And Gareth got a very tame kitty shirt


There were others that I failed to take pics of before I wrapped them, and one I’m very pleased with that I’ll show you later because it hasn’t been given yet.

i revised the shirt list of doom, re writing it without the finished shirts and adding new ones I’ve bought fabric for, so it’s a bit shorter now ( but not much)

~ by opusanglicanum on December 27, 2015.

3 Responses to “Some shirts”

  1. That’s a Bestiary shirt. Move over the Monks of Micklegate!

  2. Your family gatherings must be truly dazzling!

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