Zodiac autumn

I wanted to finish this( there were only the jewels to do) so I could assemble the whole piece over new year. I also wanted to do the lettering at home so I could try and avoid spelling mistakes this time, so I shall be getting on with that over the next few days.image

I took some pics of my deccies ( I’ve been a bit obsessive about glass ones since I was an undergraduate, I used to live on pasta and tomato sauce all week so I’d have enough of my £20 food budget left to buy one shiny thing). My chandelier, which makes Gareth shudder because it upsets his minimalist soul


And I think kitty corner needs to expand next year


And my weirdest find of the year was two gay polar bears having a “special grown up cuddle”, which I found in fenwick. ( it’s not just me, I did wonder if it was my dirty mind, but Gareth thinks the same thing too). I hung them with my porniments ( I am not showing you my porniments, you can google that on your own. But the polar bears are in exactly the same pose as the two gingerbread men Gareth bought me last year)


~ by opusanglicanum on December 28, 2015.

4 Responses to “Zodiac autumn”

  1. As the Pastor at the Hospice my mum was in said …”Christmas is NOT about good taste.

  2. Christmas decorating is not a time for minimalism. It’s only for twelve days – I’m sure Gareth can cope for that long!

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