New year, new project.

It doesn’t normally work out  so neatly.

i haven’t posted much because my sewing has been pretty dull. I’ve been outlining all twelve circles for the women’s labours. I wanted to do them all at once because I had assembly problems with the men’s labours due to slight variations in the rondel sizes( I forgot which plate I’d been drawing round).


As you can see I’ve also made a start on January, I took her with me to work on the train down to London ( day out at the BM, went to the celts exhibition, NEED to work out how to make a ribbon torc).

now I need to shop for a box to keep the pieces in so I don’t lose them. I also need to track down more fabric( this is the last of my white Manx tweed) which might mean commissioning twenty metres to be woven just for me. I need more so I can dye some for the filler panels, and it’s a matter of moderate urgency since I’d like to work them as I go along this time. When I get some fabric I was considering blue or green for the fillers to contrast with the reds and purples which will be the primary panel colours, but I’m not sure my woad dyeing skills are up to cloth, it’s much harder than skeins.

for those unfamiliar with this long planned project, this will be my handbag embroidery for the next few years, and is to complement the labours of the months I completed a year or so ago. The other labours is based on a set of c14th windows and features only men. This will be women only, c12th in inspiration, and an original piece by me.

I’m going to paste the rough outline here again so I can find it when I need it.

right, wordpress won’t let me cut and paste (again) so let’s try linking to the original post instead…ok…so apparently embedding links isn’t allowed today either. Aaaand I can’t cut and paste the linkWomen’s labours. Ok, that worked, does anyone else have this problem?




~ by opusanglicanum on January 4, 2016.

10 Responses to “New year, new project.”

  1. Sounds great! I like the idea of breaking the project up into smaller pieces. How is the Luttrell fantasy going, by the way? If you have to commission the tweed, then the next thing will be to organise a course which uses it up! I’m hoping I’ll get back to sewing in the next couple of weeks when I get on top of paperwork. (Which I would get on top of if I could concentrate… I hate admin.) Otherwise it’s crochet for the forseeable. (Crochet keeps my hands busy when the light isn’t good enough to sew, so tends to be my winter activity when I can’t sew during the day.)

    • If I have to commission the tweed I will need to keep five metres, because once I’ve done this project, I want to embroider the guthlac roll, which is fourteen roundels. But yes, I’d probably make some available for class

      Lutrell fantasy is on hold at the moment because the extra large frame interferes with the Christmas tree, then I’ll have to do my tax return, yuk

  2. Perhaps Miss April Doing The Tax Return should be one of the labours?

  3. I suspect WordPress was having a Festive New Year Glitch for you. With a bit of luck, it will have got it out of it’s system!

    • I’m honestly not sure if it’s wordpress or my ipad, I keep meaning to download a wordpress app, but then I can never remember my Apple ID. Life is too complicated

  4. While in the BM, did you get a chance to go upstairs to have a look at the temp Egypt exhibit? (Faith after the Pharaos). It’s pretty rad, also in terms of extant textiles 🙂

    • I did, one of the nice things about membership is I go to see stuff I might not if I had to pay. My mind always boggles at the intricacy of the weaving on those Coptic textiles, I’d love to see one reconstructed in fresh colours. The v and a had one you could try on but it was printed, which isn’t quite the same. I love the way they used cool linens for the cloth then wool for the colours

  5. Shoot me if you have tried this. But have you tried key commands? Ctrl X for cut and Ctrl P for paste. Ctrl C is copy.

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