Sleeping dead

I bought this fabric for a shirt for Gareth, and I’m amused by the warning printed along the edge, ” do not use for children’s sleepwear”


I imagine the 3am screech, “mummy, daddy, my Jim-jams are trying to eat me!”

Since I can’t get my hands on any anatomically correct heart fabric, this shirt will probably be Gareth’s valentines gift, because nothing says romance like zombies, it the gift that says, “yes, I’ve seen you before you have coffee in the mornings, and I still think you’re sexy”

gareth is doing his tax return, an activity which seems to involve spending a lot more time than usual in the greenhouse…

~ by opusanglicanum on January 4, 2016.

6 Responses to “Sleeping dead”

  1. Goodness, I’m not sure I could go for zombie sleep wear, and I’m not a child any more. From what you’ve said about your Gareth, though, he’ll love it!

  2. I’ve just sent you a pic… which I’m sure you know well … by Facebook… as it was the easiest way to send it. I wonder have you done it as an embroidery? I’m thinking of trying it as a project – when I’ve finished the umpteen projects swilling around in my brain at the moment.

    • I haven’t done that one, no, but it would work well. Are you thinking opus style? I think the key would be to keep the very mannered twelfth century look, keep the bed very geometrical ( there are early silk examples that don’t have the loose look of the more familiar c14th style, they use the same rigidity as sculptures) and you could have a lot of fun with gold and pearls at the edge of the blanket and on the crowns

      • I’m glad you approve! Once I’ve got my teaching, translation, writing and housework under control, I may just start. So, not next week!

      • I’ll sort the final details with Jude next week and do a proper post, but were running a longer opus course this year, to span two years or more, this would be perfect if you wanted to bring it along

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