Random weekly roundup

ON account of this being the height of tax return season, there hasn’t been as much activity as I would have liked on the needlework front – 45 minutes of an evening and then off do fettle the accounts. However, in order to garner means by which to pay the aforementioned tax return, I have been back at work and making fair progress on the January panel from the women’s labours.

January is spinning, thus tying her in with Mr January, the god Janus, by alluding to the classical myth of the fates. I thought it would be nice to use some of the sheep coloured handspun wools I used on the November panel last time round. I chose the grey Herdwick, and quickly remembered why Herdwick is not an ideal embroidery wool.

However, the shape of the fluffy distaff keeps reminding me of something…


possibly I should have used the brown wool instead?

IN other news I decided to make myself a new winter coat, mainly because I wore my Christmas coat all December and I love the cosy shape. For those of you who haven’t been here that long, this is my Christmas coat.

Now, when I finally finish my fairytale coat I’ll wear that, but I’m kind of stuck on part of the design right now, and have been for a while, so I decided I just make something I could wear. I could go out and buy a coat, but they’re always such boring colours, and I do have a lovely black cashmere betty Jackson coat, but the colour is boring, and I want something to cheer me up on a miserable day. It was originally just going to be a plain coloured coat, but plain is kind of against my nature. I didn’t want a design that would take a long time though, so I’m using the same simple pattern and I quickly settled on a sort of pseudo-baroque kitty border of my own devising…


(the hotel choc bag is Branston’s. he like a bag, and if you explain to the staff in hotel choc that you have a Maine coon who is too big to fit in a standard sized bag, they will very understandingly pack your chocs in an extra large bag)

I’m not actually sure what colour that is. It’s too pink to be properly purple, not obnoxiously bright enough to be fuschia, and too bright to be pink. pirplchia?

It was just a remnant I bought because the colour is so fab, although I’m certain it’s not 100% wool, there’s at least ten percent something artificial in it by the feel of it.

Anyway, I had about four hours to sew after I cut it out, and that’s how far I got – both the cuffs and most of the border. Next weekend I should be able to apply the kitty patch pockets, machine sew it together, and then hopefully edge it with racoon fur which will tone with the grey appliques.

IN the mean time, are we ready for  the next stitchalong instalment sometime next week?

~ by opusanglicanum on January 17, 2016.

10 Responses to “Random weekly roundup”

  1. I love the coat. I quite agree that most clothes in shops are terribly, terribly boring. It’s shoes that get me… they’re usually even more boring. I can only really wear flat shoes, so I need some good colours. Do they have them? No! Ha!
    Anyway, the labours are looking good. Maybe an additional January one, someone slaving away over a tax return, while someone else is surrounded by money bags.
    It’ll be all done soon!

    • I’m a big rocketdog fan when it comes to flats, I wear out several pairs a year. I used to really love irregular choice for heels, but just lately they’ve been going too weird for words, they used to have a certain elegance to the designs, but now they’re just ugly for the sake of it.

      Perhaps I should post a pic sometime of my grandmothers china cabinet, now filled with assorted old irregular choice (from when they were nice) and handmade silk Victorian boots that are my favourite shoes ever?

      • The shoes sound lovely. I shall look up rocket dog. I’ve never heard of them.

      • they can be a bit hit and mmiss, they sometimes do very nice flats with nice colours and patterns (I had pink flamingo print ones this summer). their heels are just ugly though

      • or you could just do what my mum does, which is buy cheap canvas flats and sew her own sequinned patterns on them. Of course, then she can only wear them where its not muddy, but my mums not much for the great outdoors, she’s more at home in a pub

  2. Black, navy, and brown are rather tediously ubiquitous. I love the look of this – it will be very cheering to wear! And to see…

    • I can never figure out why so many people are so very very dull with their clothes. I kind of have a passionate hatred of blue denim these days, esp jeans, because nobody seems to wear anything else. Isabelle Allende had a theory about poverty of choice leading to the ubiquity of demin in some periods of history, but that really doesn’t fit with the internet age

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