shell beast

I think he might be meant to be a snail with legs – he has antennae?


his slouchy pose kind of reminds me of the coal men who came round the houses to deliver sacks of coal when I was a child though, the way they slung the sacks over their backs – I was always amazed they could lift things like that.

I must admit he’s one creature I’m a little worried about doing in sections as I’m concerned about the swirly bits lining up with the lumpy bits on top of his shell, but I think I’ll be ok if I leave him uncovered from his central orange spine.

I’m quite pleased with his cute little face though.

~ by opusanglicanum on February 9, 2016.

10 Responses to “shell beast”

  1. Or is he the equivalent of a medieval pantomime horse and someone is inside that baggy brown sack, waving the antennae around and exclaiming: “Be thou exterminated!”
    You can tell I should be setting homework and am, therefore, in very easily distracted mode!

  2. He has a very sweet face, doesn’t he…

  3. Whatever he is, he’s exceedingly cute.

  4. He’s rocking that guyliner.

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