Courses 2016

Two one day workshops at the Weald and downland museum. One is laid and couched work beasties, the other is medieval appliqué. 7th and 8th of May.

you have to scroll down to the textiles sectionWeald and downland courses, around page 22.

we are doing something different at the ashmolean this year. The course you book for is three days, but it’s going to be three days a year for three years ( you pay one year at a time) the aim of the laid and couched work will be a large panel or cushion. The opus course will aim to produce either a large panel or an almoner purse, your choice, this will allow participants much more time to master a very demanding technique and we will be able to go into far more detail.

Ashmolean courses

I’m aware the booking system is a nightmare, so Jude said to email her for any advice


lovers day




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9 Responses to “Courses 2016”

  1. You won’t believe this… but I’d been about to send you a message today asking if there were any courses in the pipeline. Happy bunny now looking at the Ashmolean.

  2. Just discovered this fab blog! Don’t suppose we can convince you to come over the Border sometime to teach? The classes look marvellous (as does the Weald and Downland museum), and how wonderful to be able to take advantage of them. Next best thing is, I guess, your stitch along (another great idea). Is it still possible to join?

    • Hi, I’m in the north east, so large parts of Scotland are closer for me an oxford- if you have a venue and some students I’m sure we can come to some arrangement.

      It’s never too late to join in the stitchalong as I don’t take e posts down, and I can do a kit if you need one ( or you can use your own materials as well, no one has to buy anything)

  3. Good wishes to both teacher and students!

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