First panel of the women’s labours is done quicker than I anticipated.


Having spent some time with old ma crazyeyes here, I’m beginning to suspect that young master rollo in that crib is not swaddled but mummified – she doesn’t look like one to readily accept high infant mortality rates.

I used some of my hand spun Herdwick leftover from the male labours for the wool, and remembered again why Herdwick is a rubbish embroidery wool.

kitty was a last minute addition because she just needed a kitty. Johns cat, mr weasley, volunteered for duty. I’ve since decided the the ladies will have cats, which poses a slight problem because I’ve only lived with ten cats in my life, so I might end up borrowing the neighbours cats, or maybe I’ll do ” readers cats”, who knows.

It will be like where’s Wally but with cats and dead easy because the pictures are really small.


~ by opusanglicanum on February 15, 2016.

4 Responses to “January”

  1. So – forgive my ignorance – why is Herdwick a rubbish wool for embroidery?

    Kitty reminds me of my great aunt’s cat, who was very dignified right up until the point when you dangled something within a paw’s reach…

    • Herdwick is what’s known as kempy, it’s got lots of very rough fibres ( more like bristles) so it makes a very scratchy wool. It’s part of the reason the breed almost went extinct before Beatrix potter rescued it because it’s only really good for outerwear and carpets so wasn’t favoured.

      Weasley has no dignity to start with, and no brain either – possibly cos he’s from Gateshead.

  2. You are welcome to images of Miss Myst. She is very a medieval model feline. Small, grey and probably encourages dogs to tilt at snails during the night, although she is always sweetness embodied by day.

    • I might have to borrow someone’s tabby, or it could get a bit greykin heavy. As well as branston, there will be his predecessor, miss pickle, as well tadpole and newt. Greykins are the best

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