Chastity cat says no


So I was trying to make something pretty for naughty grown up funtime when branston confiscated my silk and lace.

he says there’s only one male in this house who is allowed to stick his nose down my cleavage and purr, and it isn’t Gareth.

I need a hashtag for ” possessive demon kitty”

~ by opusanglicanum on February 18, 2016.

6 Responses to “Chastity cat says no”

  1. He’s so gorgeous – why would you feel the need for anyone else? Sneak

    Also, Every post you write about the clothes you make tips me that much closer to wanting to learn to actually sew. One of these days the want will exceed the lazy, and I’m pretty sure one of your posts will have been the cause. Probably a Gareth-shirt post. You see them as basic, and not really creative-creative, but each one of them is a small marvel as far as I’m concerned.

    Thanks for making my daily blogfeed such a pretty place.

    • If you want to learn just go for it, there are good online tutorials. The important thing is not to be afraid to make mistakes.

      Am curious as to why you had your penguin removed?

  2. You don’t think it might be time for Branston to visit the RSPCA and see what happens to naughty cats? I, of course, am a dog person, lol.

    • We regularly drive past RSPCA great Ayton, and I tell him that’s where the little kitties with no monkeys to love them go, but he says that’s just a fairy tale I’m making up to try and frighten him. He says he too clever to fall for my blatant lies

  3. He is rather splendid.

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