Stitch along part…erm…the next bit

Face for the little knight. All split stitch.

keep your stitches closely packed.

dont take stitches backwards and forwards, be conscious of making all stitches in an area flow in a uniform direction.

hes a glum little chap, so once you’ve outlined his tees and mouth, outline his cheeks, but make sure to keep them saggy and sad.


Remember to pack your stitches nice and tightly.


Outline the t shape of his nose and forehead, but on the second pass take the line across the bridge of his nose.



He has quite a high domed forehead, and you can emphasise this by by working in only one direction across the top, ignoring the brow line.


Once the forehead is filled proceed with the nose, being careful to keep all of your stitches flowing in the same direction. Follow the dark line as your primary shape.


Next take a circle from the base of the chin, around the naso- labial line and under the nose. Then circle round his chin.


Fill in the upper lip, then fill the arc under the brow.


Lastly fill in all the fiddly corners, and put some white in his eyes.


There isn’t much definition to his décolletage, so simply fill it in, working in one direction.

Hands next Friday.









~ by opusanglicanum on February 26, 2016.

3 Responses to “Stitch along part…erm…the next bit”

  1. He is a glum little fellow, isn’t he!

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