Shirty Saturday

I’m working my way through the fabric mountain.

this one was my dad’s birthday present last week. He’s declared it the official shirt of this years Dorset steam festival. Pigs are his favourite, so I did piggy buttons with big tractors on the cuffs. I had wanted all the fabrics to be blue so the whole thing would be a bit more subtle than some of Gareth’s shirts, but finding piggy fabric was very hard, and in the end I think the brown collar and cuffs is nice, especially since they’re such nice British breed piggies.


These two plain ones will be put away for Christmas. I think I prefer the yellow version of the print.


This one will be for my stepdad, peter, on his birthday. It’s quite a plain shirt for peter, but I couldn’t resist the mice. When mum and peter got married I was in my teens, so my wedding present budget was minimal. I bought two tiny handmade felt mice in wedding clothes and packed them in a house shaped box, ever since they have called each other mr and mrs mouse. Plus, I got to use my cake buttons!


And a grey kitty shirt for Gareth, because a man simply cannot have too many kitty shirts. Plus this one is grey, so it comes with the branston seal of approval.


Nor can a man have too many Christmas shirts, especially not when the Christmas shirt has little houses on it, and especially not when the man earns his living doing up houses.


And an animal extra muttly mutt shirt with assorted animal buttons for Gareth.


The last one is also for Gareth. I bought the dark green fabric a couple of years ago, it’s an rhs print based on the greenhouses at kew – Gareth’s favourite place in all the world. Eventually the palm tree print came along and proposed marriage to it. I made this one in January, but I ripped the collar cutting the buttonhole, so I had to remake the collar.

I’m quite pleased with the buttons I got at liberty last time I was in London, they echo the greenhouse fretwork perfectly.


~ by opusanglicanum on February 27, 2016.

7 Responses to “Shirty Saturday”

  1. You are a powerhouse!

  2. You must have made inroads in the fabric mountain by now!

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