shell beast, finished


I normally work left to right, but in this case I went straight for the middle because there was only a small amount of the apricot skien left, I was worried I might lose it and then find the other skiens in waiting didn’t quite match up

His swirls have lined up nicely, but I think the join is more visible in the laid work – joining vertically is more difficult than horizontally, but I think it blends better.

I’ve been thinking ahead to the next lutrell fantasy, and I think I want to play with some of the small border designs, so that rather than having a swirling leafy structure like this piece, the next will have steps of border patterns on which various beasts can dwell. A lot of the pages have a similar layout so I think it will look good.

~ by opusanglicanum on March 1, 2016.

8 Responses to “shell beast, finished”

  1. It certainly sounds good, and this one is looking good!

  2. Any slightly-visible joining on the individual motifs will be totally lost in the riot of beasties once the whole thing is revealed. The swirls on the shell are very lively.

  3. He’s fab – love the leafy-counter-leafy border!

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