Handy next bit of stitchalong


His thumb doesn’t show because it’s behind the sword hilt, so start at the tip of his index finger and work up the back of his hand, round the wrist, and back down the little finger.

I may be wrong, but that grip he’s using with the finger pointing down the blade looks like a sure fire way to get your finger chopped off to me. I get the impression this little chap doesn’t have much of a clue, bless him.


Skip round the back to come up at the tip of the index finger again, repeating the loop for two or three close-set rows, depending on how chunky you want his fingers to be. Don’t be tempted to work back in the opposite direction, keep all your stitches flowing the same way.


Work the two middle fingers in the same way, following the same ever-decreasing loop. Don’t worry about gaps between the fingers, but if you feel you need to you can jemmy in an extra row across the back of the hand( better to have your stitches packed too close than too far apart) but be careful they flow in the same direction as the rest.


To finish his hand work some shadows in a darker colour. I’ve used the same colour I’ll eventually outline with. If you want to you can put some tiny white stitches on his fingertips for his nails, but he doesn’t look like the type to bother with a manicure to me.

I’ll post the outline stitches in a week or two, I need to catch Gareth in a PDF making mood first.

~ by opusanglicanum on March 4, 2016.

4 Responses to “Handy next bit of stitchalong”

  1. Bless him, no, that doesn’t look like a swordsman’s grip. I don’t know about chopped off, I think it’s asking to have it broken!

  2. He’s doing what he fondly thinks is a graceful pose. As you said – clueless. Soon to be Tom Three Finger!

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