A pocket full of kittens

I ended up putting my pink coat on hold for a while, partly because I had other things to do, but mostly because it needed a five minute sewing machine job doing before I could do the rest of the hand sewing. I am utterly hopeless at five minute jobs. And this was something I wasn’t sure about, which made it infinitely putoffable.

The original idea had been to just make kitty shaped patch pockets, but I soon realised that my kitty was too itty bitty to make a decent pocket. So I cut some pocket shaped bags, stitched them to a kitty’s back shaped facing, and carefully marked a curved hole before tentatively sewing the whole lot together.


I had already partly embroidered the kitty patch, which I then lined up with the partial kitty and began to blanket stitch it together.


Working round, I partly sewed it to partial kitty, and partly to the body of the coat. Finally I added the whiskers, which overlap both grey and pink


As you can see, my next job is to trim the pocket bags a bit so they actually fit inside the coat, but considering I had no clue what I was doing I think that bit turned out ok.

You know how top gear has captain slow? I think there should be a sewing top gear so that I can be captain slapdash…


~ by opusanglicanum on March 6, 2016.

13 Responses to “A pocket full of kittens”

  1. You do realise that your kitties will expect kitty pockets to be kept filled with kitty treats, ready for distribution on demand?

    • They already expect this anyway. Right now branston is trying to tell me that because his four o clock treat was served at three forty five he is entitled to another as compensation

  2. Love this !

  3. How ingenious! They look like a great success!

  4. Shouldn’t it be a kitten full of pocket? (It looks great fun, by the way.)
    Did you ever finish the button coat?

  5. Oh, my word. That is so clever! Looking fab!

  6. Very nice.

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