Last of the squirrels

The deal was that group money was getting squirrels for johns cloak last year, because being king his magnificence takes priority, but this year the spare money buys squirrels for me.

These, btw, are ethically traded grey squirrel( aka verminous trees rats)

but then Dave de Clifford said this weekend that he won’t be getting any more of these plates of squirrel, so we hashed out a very favourable price in the last six he had, and I put the rest of the money up myself. I think I can have a full length cloak instead of a 3/4 one.


Ive also bought white wool cloth, because I think I’ll have the outer cloak naturally dyed – slightly intimidating prospect because I want a strong cochineal/kermes red for such a high status cloak, and that will mean finding enough yarn to use up numerous exhaust baths. Caz might be getting some naturally dyed knitting yarn for Christmas.

i didn’t really buy anything else, just some Iron Age beads to replace the ones that got nicked the week after I bought them at the last market.

and I wore my kitty coat


~ by opusanglicanum on March 13, 2016.

13 Responses to “Last of the squirrels”

  1. Never do anything by halves, do you? 😛

  2. I think that’s called “Striking while the iron’s hot”!

  3. You’ve certainly got an individual style… kitty coat one day, full length squirrel cloak the next… We all knew clothes were meant to be fun really! And then most of us forgot! (Oh dear, unauthorised use of exclamation marks there.)

  4. That’s impressive and almost over the top. But then a lot of medieval stuff was, if you were rich. Who did you get the white cloth from?

  5. Wow! That’s really impressive.

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