Miss kitty fantastico

I finished my kitty coat and have happily wearing it for the last week. Apologies but you’re getting pictures of it on the dress form because I’m having a major skin breakout at the minute and photos would just be too traumatic. ( I’m going to book a doctors appointment so hopefully I’ll get sorted soon)


The collar fur is Icelandic sheepskin, and it’s a bit like having branston round your neck. The main trim is raccoon, also snugly.

the pockets are perhaps an inch too low, but it’s not the end of the world ( my inability to uses commercial patterns is not always without mishap)


The lining is peacock print cotton. I opted for cotton rather than a more insulating lining because I think it makes the coat more versatile – you can always wear a jumper underneath on cold days. It’s very warm anyway because of the fur.

there are buttons, and i was originally thinking I’d replace them with some handmade silver kitty ones, but having worn this a bit I’ve realised they’re invisible under the fur. This is probably just as well because I ended up machining the buttonholes, I did try to handsew them but the thread kept tangling in the long fur.

Progress posts Here and Here

It looks good with the purple cloche hat Gareth got me last Christmas.

there are things called sewing companions, you’re meant to store threads and stuff in them or so someone said, but my sewing companion wasn’t impressed with that idea…



~ by opusanglicanum on March 19, 2016.

18 Responses to “Miss kitty fantastico”

  1. Very purple, very Very Crazy Cat Lady – a Very Clever Very Purple Very Crazy Cat Lady. My skin would be breaking out with just the wool, let alone the fur, so I won’t be wanting to share that one. I shall just be amazed and impressed from a safe distance! By the way, the current fashion seems to be for pockets in coats to be just a bit too low, so I reckon you are spot on there.

  2. The sheepskin collar looks fabulous! (I bet it feels fabulous too)

  3. Its absolutely gorgeous. I love the collar.
    And Branston looks like he is contemplating tangles!

  4. That is utterly wonderful. If a bit bonkers. Be careful on steps, though. When you add substantial fur to a womanly chest, it can be hard seeing where your feet are when you are walking down steps!

  5. Wow. Amazing. And it looks so snuggly and warm!

  6. It’s a fabulous coat. And the lining is a treat!

  7. Fab -u- lous, darling!

  8. thats lovely! Reminds me of a 1920’s fashion plate.

  9. […] the last presents shortly. I made my mum a coat in the style of My kitty coat. I offered her a choice of tasteful, subtle colours, but she chose […]

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