Funny face


When I started the Lutrell fantasy I had intended to do the faces mostly in laid and couched work, which would have been lovely and quick, and probably adequate. But they just feel better done in split stitch (the creature above this one is a very big bum face, though, and his big head will take aaaages).

I do enjoy working these grotesque faces in split stitch though, they’re far more challenging in many ways than working a proper opus Anglicanum face in a single colour. The third piece I plan will use mainly the human figures from the psalter, and I’m contemplating doing the people with silk faces and wool bodies like the antependium.

this was my progress for this afternoon. I’m feeling very motivated with this at the moment- the end is just a roll or two away and I really want to play with getting the finished piece done as a fabric print, I’m also looking around to see if I can get a decent deal on a small quantity( maybe 100?) of printed totes of it – do we think those would be saleable?

I do have stuff that needs doing over the next two weeks, but it decided that today and tomorrow I’m allowed the indulgence of two days sat doing nothing but this. I figure if I can get this face finished I will feel I’ve progressed.

there were Easter bunny macaroons for snacks though…


~ by opusanglicanum on March 27, 2016.

4 Responses to “Funny face”

  1. The totes do sound like a good idea. I hope you’ve had a good time working on them!

    • My original idea was to get the finished piece done as a fabric print on spoonflower, and I’m still going to do that because I’d like a skirt. But once you work out the cost of spoonflower fabric and the effort of making up bags it actually works out more cost effective to get totes printed commercially. They still won’t be cheap because small runs aren’t, but maybe people will be prepared to pay a bit more for something different

  2. Totes sound an excellent idea. Also the bunny macaroons…

    • The bunnies were an experiment, I only did two. I’ve done hearts before, and you can pipe the batter any shape but it tends to spread.

      I think I want to do totes

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