Happy easter

I was quite excited about giving Gareth his egg because it’s been weeks since I laid down a challenge for the chocolatier at chocolinis – an egg with Palm trees and bird of paradise flowers…


I plan to make myself really unpopular next year by taking in a photo of nepenthes rafflesiana- I expect I shall be blacklisted in no time!

the Sunday paper this morning had an article on the Instagram trend for posting photos of ones handbag with the carefully curated designer contents artfully spilled out.

as an antidote, here is my bag


Sorry, but the closest thing I have to a fifty quid mascara is hand cream and sunblock. My wallet is designer- it’s a one-off original Tanya.

its still looks a bit fake though, cos I mucked it out last week so there aren’t many reciepts, but you do get a random Saxon spindle whorl( I broke the spindle)

~ by opusanglicanum on March 27, 2016.

4 Responses to “Happy easter”

  1. I think I prefer your version of the latest peculiar trend, especially that it includes a Tanya Original!!

  2. I hadn’t heard of this trend, I usually feel pretty grateful when I’ve missed one. This is no different. But I very much like the more everyday contents than I imagine Instagram showing. I always get tempted to show them my version on their hashtags, but then I think that’s entirely too much effort.

    • My feeling exactly. It’s far more fun to stay in the nerdy corner of the internet and pour scorn on anyone stupid enough to pay £45 for a smythson notebook.

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