Wilfred manykecks again


I’ve been getting frustrated by how many of the Lutrell beasts I haven’t been able to see properly because they’re done in stages and them covered up. So because Wilfred is my favourite Gareth photoshopped him – isn’t he cute?

In celebration I’ve done some kits of him, but I can’t wrangle my website from the ipad, so if anyone would like a wilf kit ( he would look fab in purple) let me know and I’ll send a paypal invoice. He’s £29 plus post, so let me know your country.

I’m planning to post the last stage of the stitchalong warrior on Friday, just waiting for Gareth to do the PDF.


~ by opusanglicanum on March 30, 2016.

10 Responses to “Wilfred manykecks again”

  1. I adore Wilfred 🙂 Is he by any chance contemplating a trip to the manicurist?

  2. He is a particularly well-dressed chappie, isn’t he?

  3. He’ll not get cold, will he!

  4. He really is rather fun, isn’t he? ^_^

  5. I didn’t notice before but he really does have many kecks!

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