He says his name is gormless Gorm

And he’s blocked out and ready for details.


I’m really glad I jiggled the frame so I could do him all in one go, and I’m loving how his colours turned out.

I do have a bit of a quandary with his details though, because in the original ms his tails both have different patterns even though the bodies are the same. It’s a very subtle difference and it took me ages to notice. At first I thought I should tweak it and make him symmetrical, but I just discussed it with Gareth and he’s quite firmly in favour of the symmetrical option, which must mean that’s the wrong thing to do.

I keep looking at young Gorm here and wondering how he walks because his legs are going in opposite directions. I have concluded that both bodies must pivot back from his neck(s) like beetles wings so they can progress in the same direction – I think the pose he’s displaying here is like a cat making itself big to scare of enemies or predators.

I also tried to discuss this theory with Gareth, who boggled at me and said, “you’re faced with that thing and your first thought is, how does it walk!?!” From which I can only conclude that it must be very boring being Gareth’s brain( he has actually admitted that he used to do all his homework on a Friday night before having fun, the mind simply boggles). Some people have no interest in the natural history of wierdoes.

for the record, Gorm insists that he’s a vegetarian, although he likes eating bunnies cos they taste like carrots.

~ by opusanglicanum on April 4, 2016.

12 Responses to “He says his name is gormless Gorm”

  1. Love Gorm and asymmetric is best. :o)

  2. He could go on Strictly without a partner! I’m assuming his coordination is top notch.

  3. Not symmetrical, so he can tell which tail is which. Otherwise he will get confused, poor chap.

  4. I hate to tell Gareth this, but my first thought was “Well, *he’s* not going to go anywhere very fast!”” because feet.

  5. Maybe he moves like a crab?
    Personally, when I’m faced with a creature like Gorm, my head is filled with so many questions that which one is articulated first is a mere matter of chance!

  6. Definitely go assymetrcal – with the symmetry of the rest of the body matching tails would be boring, and confuse poor Gorm.

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