Very boring shirt


You know that thing about if you want to stay friends with someone who sews you should never ask them to do your mending?

i think most of the time that’s true, but sometimes it depends who’s asking. Last year Gareth’s dad gave Gareth his favourite bowling shirt and asked if I’d fix the ragged collar, and I did. I didn’t mind because Gareth’s dads is in his eighties, so he’s of a generation used to fixing things when they’re worn, rather than just throwing them away.

plus I remember well how disgruntled my granda would become whenever my aunty margy (whom granda called “the warden” but only when she wasn’t listening) periodically “tidied” his wardrobe. Old men don’t like change.

so I made Gareth’s dad a new linen bowling shirt. It’s very simple, but I had to wing it a bit with the one piece collar cos I’ve never done one before.

~ by opusanglicanum on April 6, 2016.

4 Responses to “Very boring shirt”

  1. It seems Gareth’s dad doesn’t share his taste in shirts….

  2. Simple and classic looking. I’m sure he’ll be pleased with it. Not thrilled – that generation doesn’t get that excited as a rule! – but very pleased..

    • He might have been more impressed if I’d had time to iron it, but I had no buttons and had to buy some on the way to Windermere, then sew them on in the room at rockside

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