Goaty back


In the psalter the goats body is rather plain, so I’ve tried to liven him up by suggesting a bit of a potbelly. I can’t help thinking he still needs something else though, either a tie or a bow tie ( polka dot, obviously) I mean, he’s obviously a very important goat because he has his own porter, and should therefore dress somewhat formally.

This section is ready to roll…


…but I haven’t covered up yet because I’m giving due consideration to caprine formalwear.

I’m finding photographs very frustrating at the moment because even if I wait for daylight the lights a bit rubbish, and the camera doesn’t respond well to artificial light.

also, I have decided I heartily dislike Pinterest, especially the way it never lets you find the original blogpost the pic came from( whenever I click the visit site button it just takes me to more sodding Pinterest). It’s like an internet version of shopping at ikea- it lures you into it’s vast labyrinth by promising it has what you want, let’s you see what you want but won’t let you have it because it’s stored somewhere else, then makes you wander around aimlessly for hours on end because you can’t find the exit. All you get in the end is a vague feeling of dissatisfaction (but at least at ikea you get a pocketfull of free pencils)

~ by opusanglicanum on April 15, 2016.

14 Responses to “Goaty back”

  1. You could “man” him up! (Fnar fnar!)

  2. To me, he is crying out for colourful genitalia (perhaps to match his tie?). Actually, I find Idea much easier to navigate than Pinterest. I actively avoid the site because I find it so annoying, even when my searches promise tempting pictures and information.

    • I’m sure he has some very interesting ( to him at least) genitals hidden behind the porters hood – and that’s where they’re going to stay.

      I know my stuff is all over Pinterest, despite me politely asking people not too. I don’t kick up a big prima Donna fuss like I’ve seen some do on Facebook because I think once you put a pic up on the net it’s public domain( I’m definitely not going to start charging anyone hundreds of euros a year to subscribe to my blog, which has been certain folks reaction) but I can sort of see why people get upset because having your images pinned doesn’t bring people to your blog

  3. I agree with your assessment of Pinterest, but I too find Ikea easier to navigate as well as being for the most part more interesting.

    I find the injunctions to ‘man him up’ somewhat distasteful but that is probably because I am a sensitive woman of more than a certain age who really has no use for such delights any more. No, on reflection I think your own suggestion as to caprine formal wear offers the more interesting variations. Also the way I read the image the manly bits are hidden by the porter’s hood which stands up quite nicely on its own.

    You go girl. They look splendid.

    • I only really go to ikea for the free pencils ( Gareth used loads of them as dowels laying the oak floor in the bedroom) I find it too overwhelming to pick anything to buy.

      Well, you know what boys are like, they want willies on everything, it’s best to ignore them.

      Although the original porters hood in the ms did stick up a lot more, and I truncated it because I didn’t want to mess about rolling the frame, so maybe I emasculated the poor dear…

  4. I think the inside fold of the devils knees and the fold of the top of the legs need to go in as shadow lines. Then he’s obviously sitting down on the man’s shoulders, with a long body, not standing over the top of his head with a short body and long legs. This also makes it clear that the naughty bits are hidden and not missing. (Mind you, a little bit of something that might be a trim on the top of the cap and might be the top of something else could work.)

  5. I think he looks like he’s wearing a onesie. It needs a zip down the middle, some cuffs and … a little goat teddy bear. Or maybe not… it’s your work!

  6. Do you think so important a person would wear a onesie? I agree he needs some formality – a cravat, perhaps?

  7. Oh dear, I come here for my daily laughs and I always get them. I think the writer of this blog and the commenters are the most light-hearted in the wide world of embroidery where most people seem to take themselves and their work oh-so-seriously. Thanks guys, lol.

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