Sunday project and a dirty confession for clothaholics anonymous…

I’m storytelling at a Norman event next weekend, and thought it would be nice to make a new dress using The ADel church collar, and The cloth I dyed to go with it. I have several Norman outfits, but they’re either a bit impractical for storytelling, or not quite warm enough for the time of year, or both.

however, this means I need embroidery for the sleeves. I did one weeks ago – a four foot strip with a simple geometric picking up the colours from the collar.


Its just split stitched silk.

And I’m about two thirds the way through the next, which I’ll hopefully finish this afternoon. The fabric is cut, so it’s just a case of whether or not I can handsew it over the course of the week. It would be nice to finish it, but I’m not going to stress if I don’t.

in other news, I had resolved to finish all the shirts I’d cut out, thus reducing the fabric mountain to a pile of entertaining scraps from which I can make patchwork skirts for myself, before buying more fabric.

my failure to do so will come so no surprise to anyone, least of all Gareth.

i have got the cut out pile of shirts down to ten, in my defence.

but a few weeks ago we went to that nice shop in Abingdon.


After all the trouble I had before Christmas finding nice piggy fabric for dad’s Yorkshire show shirt, I just couldn’t resist the pig fabric far left. The three trees were also from Abingdon, and Gareth wants them as a shirt ( I love the birch trees). And seriously, how could I resist nuts, screws and nails for my house renovating boyfriend? We are currently working on how t adapt real nuts for the buttons, because that’s very necessary.

Then yesterday I had to go into central leeds on an errand…


Where sweetcorn and tomatoes were irresistible – I figure they were paid for because I skipped my usual lunch at cafe moor. I’ve just finished one round of veggie shirts, so those will be filed to stash until more veg turns up to join them, because you need at least five veg for a shirt.

the green houses were half price, so they don’t really count.






~ by opusanglicanum on April 17, 2016.

4 Responses to “Sunday project and a dirty confession for clothaholics anonymous…”

  1. Mmm.. carrots are orange and pointy in my house.

  2. What a wonderful selection! And with someone who likes wild prints on his shirts, you have every excuse for stocking up…

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