goaty bowtie


I went with the bowtie in the end, polkadot, obviously, to match his pretty horns. I did consider a normal tie, but it occurred to me that although he may be a very important goat, he is still a goat, and would therefore eat a dangly sort of tie. The little bow fits neatly beneath his chin so it won’t distract him when he gets the munchies.

~ by opusanglicanum on April 25, 2016.

12 Responses to “goaty bowtie”

  1. Excellent. He now reminds me of Robin Day.

  2. He looks rather solemn and a little donnish, somehow. Perfect!

  3. He does look a little like he’s contemplating whether he could munch his bowtie…

  4. He’s stylish and adorable!

  5. Since the only people who routinely wear bow-ties are architects, he must be an archigoat. He does look extremely elegant. I hope he doesn’t get so hungry he remembers his pretty tie!

  6. I love the impeccable logic of your alternative universe.

    • gareth keeps calling me Sheldon when we watch tv together because I will always point out the logic flaws in an alternate universe, I need scifi to stick to its own logic, even if the logic is illogical

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