Sigh, autocorrect wanted to make that butface, damned American computers!


I’ve spent nearly a week on this. It’s not the most subtle toning, considering that they’re both madder, but his wrinkly forehead pleases me.

I have also been thinking about the next fantasy because this will be done soon, although hopefully I can spin it out for the next two weeks so I can draft the next one on my week off. The problem is that I need to tape the canvas to the dining room table, but because Gareth is building the kitchen the contents of the kitchen are mostly on the dining room table. He won’t be finished in the next two weeks, but at least if I’ve got a week off I can spare half a day to rearrange the chaos and get the space I need.

anyway, thinking. I know I want the framework to be stepped, incorporating many small border designs up and down which creatures can frolic. But when I began looking I just kept seeing dragons, and dragonesque beasts, so it may turn out that fantasy number two will be the dragonesque fantasy. ( there’s a sabre- toothed dragon that looks remarkably like branston yawning) This could be both cool and frustrating. Cool because, duh, did I mention dragons!?! But frustrating because many of my favourite beasts will have to continue waiting in the wings for another year or so.

also, I need to make an other peoples work post with cool pics people have sent me and work from last weekend, but I’ll do that later.

gareth is currently in shock because I went into town this morning and came back without any fabric.

~ by opusanglicanum on May 13, 2016.

10 Responses to “Bumface”

  1. Garath has my sympathies – I’m nearly as surprised as he is!

  2. Did Gareth look as surprised as Mr Bumface?

  3. You sound on fire with ideas for the new fantasy. Just make sure there’s no dragon feet about it… sorry, a bad pun that doesn’t work in writing.
    What? No fabric? Did he take your temperature and administer emergency chocolate to make sure you were OK.

    • I have treid very hard to train gareth to administer emergency chocolate at all times, but unfortunately he’s stubborn and thinks I’m too fat (forsome reason he thinks chocolate makes you fat, I’ve no idea where he gets these crackpot theories from)

      • What is he thinking of? My husband and kids are all tall and slim and CHOCOLATE EATERS. I’m the only one who is dimensionally challenged, and I don’t have chocolate much at all. The man is flying in the face of the evidence!

      • he’s one of those people determined to prove that smart men can be idiots too. I only eat the stuff with pretty much no sugar, and I try to limit myself to 100g a day

  4. Add a question mark to that last sentence. Or maybe two.

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