rolling along one last time

It’s all getting very exciting, just a couple more beasties to go!

I had a day off today and the temptation to just sit and work on this was almost overwhelming, but I was good and decided to spend my morning tidying my cloth room. The morning turned into all day, but at least you can see the floor again – it’s been a while.


I was hoping to get this one teeny weeny little bit finished yesterday whilst Gareth was around so he could help me turn the frame, but alas it was not to be. Because the frame has been extended it’s very unwieldy for one person to roll alone, and has to be held together with bolts instead of the clips it originally came with. Of course I slipped with the adjustable spanner and now my knuckles are all bloody – I look like I’ve been beaten up lately and I just keep making it worse – my right forearm has a burn from cooking, a blister from doing housework (which is why I normally avoid it) and a huge scratch from grooming my psychotic cat, and the other one now has a bloody knuckle and a huge collateral bruise around where I accidentally stabbed myself last week. Sigh.


I had been worried where to hide my intials and the date – nailed it

~ by opusanglicanum on May 23, 2016.

17 Responses to “rolling along one last time”

  1. Very clever! I like that. I never think to stitch in my name or initials. I hope that your poor knuckles heal up soon and that the rest of you soon follows!

    • I’ve been so accident prone lately that it’s not even funny any more. Initials are the thing I usually do forget – I’ve been meaning to go back and amend the recently finished zodiac

  2. Poor you, sounds like you need some chocolate(s). I can’t wait to see the whole piece when it is finished. It is a real feast for the eyes already.

    • I always need chocolate, Hotel choc supermilk is my staple diet. I’m getting very excited about the end, because I’m going to be just as surprised as everyone else

  3. I thought when you said you had ‘nailed it’ that somehow you had banged your initials into something, most likely you given your recent spate of injuries 🙂 but then I had a closer look – very clever indeed.

    I agree with the chocolate prescription, hurt people always need chocolate and lots of it.

  4. Must be exciting being nearly finished! I’m excited anyway! But what happens next? Where is the finished piece going? Is there a way that we will be able to see it in real life?

    • Forgot to say, love how you put your initials and date in. Very clever and subtle too?

    • it will travel with me when I do demos and teach. it’s first day out will probably be the international medieval congress at leeds uni in july. when I’m done with the series I might try and find a proper exhibition for it

  5. For a moment I thought the initials were going to be on the knuckles. Very pleased they are not.
    It looks great. I’m looking forward to seeing it in the thread. And to seeing the owl-satyr thing or whatever it is done. It looks potentially very cute.

  6. Initials are very cleverly done. It’s already a feast for the eye, and very humorous. Can’t wait for the great unveiling.

  7. Goodness, “accident-prone” doesn’t even come close. Stop doing housework, it’s bad for you! Stick to embroidery – I think it is safer…

  8. Ooh, how exciting. I look forward to seeing the finished piece!

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