Ba-nana – Bomp! – Bomp! – Baaah!

Strip the third


I’m still thinking I’ve maybe made it a bit pale in the middle, but never mind.

it turns out the place in town doesn’t do tea towels, but it got three sample totes done. This piece was a bit too long and narrow so we just used the top half, editing out cream egg guy at the bottom.


I’ve consulted a group of medievalists( the staff in the IMC office) and our neighbour helen( a retail manager) and my focus group has concluded fairly unanimously that the antependium one looses a bit too much detail, Noah’s ark is cute, but the Lutrell fantasy is definitely the one to go for.

i still fancy some tea towels as well though. I mean, even if they didn’t sell it would still be my Christmas present list sorted.

~ by opusanglicanum on June 2, 2016.

10 Responses to “Ba-nana – Bomp! – Bomp! – Baaah!”

  1. I agree with your neighbour – Lutrell looks perfect for the tote – bold and interesting. It doesn’t look pale in the middle to me.

  2. I LOVE the idea of your artwork on the tote bags! Tote bags are very popular here in California. We are moving towards eliminating plastic shopping bags, which end up blowing around, creating more trash and getting into the ocean where dolphins and fish see them as jellies and end up eating them. They take about 60 years to disintegrate. So people are moving more towards bags like these that they can use over and over again.
    BTW, I love the title of this post!

  3. the totebags look great – I really would like to have a couple. (if royal mail is reliable this time…)

  4. Agree about Luttrell, but love the colors in te Ark.

  5. I’m rather taken by the idea of the tea-towels, too. We have so many indestructible shopping bags I can’t use them all!

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