I was very excited last month to find daffodil fabric on leeds market, because I’d looked everywhere for some last year when I wanted to make Gareth an Easter shirt. So I bought some, but he hated it, so I made myself a skirt instead.


Sorry it looks a bit wonky, my poor old dummy is almost getting past being useable for draping now, she’s so broken.

I’d been a bit unsure, but I really like the grass/ daffy combination now it’s done – and I have something new to wear on my birthday trip. Yesterday, as I was cleaning my sewing machine because some nasty not-quite-wool-that-ebay-said-was-wool-but-wasn’t-but-I-had-use-it-anyway had gunned up the innards, I decided that the great British sewing bee isn’t very true to life because no one ever uses up thier allotted time trying to figure out what the hell is up with thier sewing machine.

all I need to do now is figure out who anonymously sent me the hotel chocolate parcel. It was someone who knows both my home address and my rather specific tastes in chocolate, which isn’t many people I can think of but no one is owning up!



~ by opusanglicanum on June 12, 2016.

9 Responses to “Daffodils”

  1. Oh, I don’t know – it’s Sixties week coming up, some of the younger ones won’t have seen a sewing machine of that vintage!

    Love the skirt!

    • Poor ickle babies being forced to use antiques!

      • I have a turn of the century, wind-the-handle machine. No sympathy with anyone who has electricity!

      • I haven’t watched it yet. I must admit I can’t cope with some of the older machines, my aunt gave me one that looks like its been steampunked, and even my mum couldn’t get it working. I think I’m more goal oriented with machine sewing, and I don’t enjoy the process as much for it’s own sake as I do with handsewing, so I don’t enjoy the problem solving aspect of machines that misbehave – which is why I’m getting along very well with the bernina because it does as its told

      • My mother’s is of about the vintage of those on the programme, and it’s a very well behaved machine. I’ve also inherited my grandmother’s treadle machine, and I just can’t get the rhythm of the treadle. I know what they say about practice, but I’ve made several sets of curtains without ever really getting the hang of it!

  2. I think it’s lovely. Mind you, my taste in clothes goes to bright and cheerful whenever possible, so that fits in. I love the combination of fabrics.

    • Mine too. I think it’s depressing when you’re sitting in a pub and you realise you’re the only one not wearing blue jeans a black top, it makes me want to flash my knickers and shout at people

  3. I adore the colour of your grassy fabric and the daffodil panels really lift it. Wish someone would anonymously send me Hotel Chocolat parcels!

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