First dragon

Wot yoo meen, I is not proper dwagon?!? I iz dwagonfwy, I iz fierce!!! RAAARGH !


From a technical point of view, he was an interesting little challenge because his wings needed to be translucent, and translucent wool does sound like a bit of an oxymoron, doesn’t it!

i used trellis couching without any laidwork beneath, varying the colour of the couching points, which sort of works?

trellis is mostly seen in later period, so it was a bit naughty, but I’m allowed, so nyeh!



~ by opusanglicanum on June 15, 2016.

16 Responses to “First dragon”

  1. Vewy, vewy, feersum dwagonkin. Wings work nicely.

    • My friends little boy isaac had a furry dragon suit he wore incessantly for a year or two, it sort of reminds me of him

      • Nawwwww.
        My son had an orange/purple dragon-suit made by me. He wore it everywhere. No shame. One of my clearest memories of him as a wee tacker is him holding up his beloved suit to me in a hopeful way, saying sadly, “Mum, my dragon can’t fit anymore.” It had already been lengthened and let out twice. I had to make a new one, but that was not a hit. Years later I learned that green with yellow spots represented ‘Dorothy the Dinosaur’. A G I R L ! – Silly mother.
        This dragonling reminds me of that in a way, may I use your design for a small project, please?

      • It sounds as though you committed a shocking faux pas with that dragon suit, your poor son must have been traumatised!
        of course you can borrow him.

      • He has grown into a bearded, roughie-toughie Kiwi bloke (read ‘marshmallow’).
        ’twas a valuable lesson to us both. The subsequent silver knight suit was a complete winner, topped only by his own chainmail shirt at age 9. Re-enactment kids rock

      • re enactment kids seem to grow up as well rounded individuals even if they don’t grow up to be reenactors, they learn a lot of confidence and self reliance that seems to be sadly missing from a good wedge of the current population.

  2. Fiercely cute!

  3. The wings have turned out rather well, I think. Translucent is a particularly good trick with wool!
    I’m not sure his claws are strong enough to scratch but he would certainly try…

  4. He’s a happy looking little bug!

  5. He’s really sweet, a tiny dragon with fly wings! I think you succeeded with the translucent wings.

  6. Looks like he has just had his claws manicured, and the lacquer is drying!

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