Baby came back


Obviously, baby was going to make another appearance. I want to use more purples on this fantasy, cos purple and dragons go together.

i have to do the creature above first, before I can fill the background.

~ by opusanglicanum on June 20, 2016.

16 Responses to “Baby came back”

  1. he is beautiful!

  2. Love it! — Cindy

  3. He’s a poppet. And yes, purple and dragons do seem to go together! Or at least, purple and dragonets (dragonlets? dragonlings?)

  4. He looks slightly envious of the chap upstairs whose foliated tail is so long it needs a warning triangle.

    • bay’s tail is actually much longer than the other chap’s. The warning triangle isn’t for flying, it’s because he’s on an all beans and sprouts diet, which is why baby looks so worried

  5. Does the little one fly holding the end of that very long tail? He’s positioned nicely. Mind you, he’ll have to be careful with his claws.

  6. That is simply gorgeous work!

  7. I love the colour scheme. Quite brilliant. As you are so busy does this mean no stitch along for 2016? if so, is the 2015 kit available? xxx

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