so the purple bird thing is one of the creatures I class as “dragonesque”. At first glance he looks like a bird, but then he also has mickey mouse ears (I dunno, maybe he just came back from a trip to Disneyland?) and cow feet, so…


Time to fill in the background for these two before I start the outlining.

In other news I’m wondering whether I should get a twitter and tumbler feeds to spin off this page. I’ve never even looked at twitter, and to be honest I find the fact that you can’t engage in conversation with people on tumblr quite frustrating, but maybe I’m just being a bit of a dinosaur?


~ by opusanglicanum on June 27, 2016.

12 Responses to “dragonesque”

  1. I still think Ziggurastica is the most wonderful little creature. Maybe he’s not holding up the tails of the others, but they are his bodyguards. As befits a royal personage.
    Seriously, I’m impressed at the imagination that goes into this. You could do a whole series of tea towels or similar textiles!

    • tea towels and tote bags are being printed as we speak – I’m very excited( the tea towels are especially exciting, because the local company said they didn’t do them, and all the places on the net are really really hard to get quotes from. but then I went to the shop and the lady who does most of the work revealed that actually they do do tea towels, but the boss tells everyone they don’t because he doesn’t like feeding them through the printer. so she does them). I’m getting totes with the first fantasy and noah’s ark, and tea towels with the fantasy and the zodiac. I have to wait a whole week – it’s agony!

  2. Yummy.
    May I offer my advice on the subject of twitter etc – I don’t know about your particular circumstances (of course) but I find that just reading and responding to my emails takes up far too much of my time leaving me not enough to make art, so imagine adding to that with twitter and whatever the other one you mentioned was. I wouldn’t. But that is jmho.

    • I was thinking with twitter and tumblr I’d do very much as I do with facebook – link them to this blog so they automatically update, then ignore anything that happens over there (fb irritates the crap out of me, I check maybe once a week to look at a few groups that interest me, but ignoring it more and more – all the message notifications go to my spam folder)

  3. I don’t understand Tumblr either, so can’t help there. My impression is that you really need to interact with people on Twitter for it to do anything for you. So it rather depends on how much time you feel you have for social media!

    • I might set up the auto feed and just ignore it (as long as its not too difficult, I’m not exactly a tech wizard) and just see what happens. I know you can do it just with pictures. I think I like blogs, but have little patience with social media if facebook is anything to go by – on fb people I know to be reasonably intelligent often come across as complete psycho f***wits, so I’ve just been completely ignoring it.

      • It’s not hard to set up an auto for Twitter using something like IFTTT, and I imagine for Tumblr too. I agree about fb – it does something weird to some people…

      • that was all I was thinking of doing, I hadn’t planned to engage with it.

        I have put a thing on my fb wall saying if you want to speak to me email me because I don’t read it very often. I’m thinking of hiding all but a few friend feeds (I’l lleave the ones who don’t post crap or invite me to play candy crush) and just having groups on my feed, cos it was the re-enactment and sewing groups I joined it for anyway. That way I can read it once a week and see most of what I want without getting a sudden urge to slap lots of people next time I see them

      • You must be nearly as irascible as I am!

      • I can cope with being called irascible

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