Spiffy merch!

I have totes!


And tea towels!


(Looks like I’m spending the afternoon ironing teatowels, they’re all a bit crinkled)

plus one random medium sized tee shirt the printer did by accident!


And lovely blank cards


Cards are £2 each or three for £5.

totes, tee and tea all £8 each.

if anyone would like anything let me know and I’ll send paypal invoices out – post is £1uk, £2 Europe, £3 the rest.

~ by opusanglicanum on July 1, 2016.

24 Responses to “Spiffy merch!”

  1. I’d love to order 6 cards plus US postage.

    • I’ve just sent an invoice to the email that shows up in wordpress, let me know if you can’t find it ( my paypal is zafania) thanks

      Ps, if I accidentally sent you the same invoice twice, I apologise!

  2. I’d love to have 3 cards, a tea towel and a tote, please (the left one, by preference, please). These are wonderful, and I’ll show off the tote at my next EG meeting!

  3. Yes, the Lutrell tote, please. (Haven’t received an invoice yet though; don’t know how long these things take.) Eek, just realised that I asked for it with my “sunday name”! WordPress confuses me constantly.

  4. One of each tote, and a tea towel, please!

  5. Two Luterell totes please (If you’ve got any left by now!), and a set of three Luterell cards.

  6. Hi
    Spiffy merch, indeed! I would like 3 cards plus postage to Australia please.

  7. Are these going to be sold in an actual shop?

    • Not in the foreseeable, I have a few things to sell when I teach and do demos. If I make enough to pay for a nice dinner on the way home I’m happy. For now they’re just buy able if you see me in person, or here

  8. Package arrived this morning. They are as wonderful in real life as they look online. Thanks!

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