All filled in

I’ve got the very boring background filled in and ready for outlining. I’m doing the same as last time and using a blocked in border along the bottom to add some visual wieght, hopefully this will also tie the two fanstasies together stylistically.


The pinks and yellows are a bit smushy in this pic, but once I’ve started outlying them they stand out more.

~ by opusanglicanum on July 11, 2016.

4 Responses to “All filled in”

  1. I think that’s really lovely. I like the colours. I’m rubbish at colours myself, so I look at other people’s stuff and think, “Ooh , I would never have thought of that!” I would never have thought of that, you know. Still love the nano dragon, who, I feel is itching to fly off somewhere and have an adventure. Does he appear higher up in the fantasy?

    • He’s actually right down at the bottom there because I really wanted him in there, but he just didn’t fit ( I start at the bottom and work up) so I squeezed him in at the end

  2. Good progress, indeed, and the outlining bring it all to life!

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