Plodding along.

Front panel done. I left the two front panels until last because even with a grid this pattern is kind of tricky to freehand, so this way the best bits go at the front. ( there was a reason I started with the underarms)


I quite like the back. Once the spangles are sewn down it sort of looks like constellation charts, and I’ve had a thing about maps – it’s one of the nerd things Gareth and I agree upon.


And as your Saturday treat I’m going to share my toile fabric with you. The photo doesn’t really come close to doing justice to it’s neon yellow polyesterness. Bet you’re wondering why I didn’t use such a fine textile to make new bedroom curtains…


Gareth has dragged the air conditioner downstairs for me. It normally lives in the bedroom and is rather bulky to drag down three flights of stairs, but I think he’s in a good mood because he went to court yesterday and ran rings round the lawyer set against him ( he really knows his gas safety regs, it’s sooooo sexy). And branston is being very very brave and sitting with me in spite of the fact he’s terrified of the air on hose – he thinks it’s an extra large Hoover nozzle designed to suck up kitties.


In the background you might just spot the lego kwik- e-mart someone treat themselves to for winning


~ by opusanglicanum on July 23, 2016.

7 Responses to “Plodding along.”

  1. That’s a canny way to make sure your practice pieces can be used!

  2. Would be a wonderful machine quilting pattern if I were good enough.

    • I was surprised by how tricky the pattern is. It looks like just bog standard swirly foliage, but is actually laid out in a grid pattern of six repeating blocks which interlock. I’ve been tacking a grid onto each piece ans removing it after couching. I also kept the diagram in my sewing box with the top and bottom lines highlighted in different colours because I kept getting them switched around

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