Last big bit

I’ve machined around the edges and trimmed it down. There should be a good inch seam allowance at the edge- fingers crossed!


All I have left to do with the embroidery is the little triangular godets. There was room for most of these on the edges of the bigger pieces, but because the large bits are cumbersome to manipulate I decided to do this trimming down first and use the offcuts as separate entities.

as I was machining the edge of this this morning it occurred to me that sewers of a religious inclination must surely have a special prayer for salvation from the helpfulness of cats.

branston says there’s no point in me finding god though, because his mum signed him up for several helpful but unholy alliances before his eyes were even open. He says I never stood a chance.

~ by opusanglicanum on July 26, 2016.

8 Responses to “Last big bit”

  1. It looks amazing and scarily complicated – but mostly amazing

  2. I’m impressed at how you have kept track of the pattern. I get hopelessly confused quite quickly… about most things, really.
    It looks lovely. I expect it looks even better in the cloth when you see the sparkle from the spangles.

    • the pattern breaks down into a grid with a six block repeat, which sounds simple, but I kept getting it upside down, and then getting the top and bottom lines mixed up – its been much easier since I went over the pattern with two different colours of highlighter to differentiate the two lines

  3. Looking good! And as for Branston – I take it the unholy alliances are the feline equivalent of being put down for Eton or Harrow?

  4. It is looking splendid and I can’t wait to see the finished article (preferably on you, not your dummy, please) 🙂

    Also and totally off topic, my cards arrived today, thank you. They are very impressive.

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