She looks a bit wobbly on the dummy- my dressform is so knackered I can no longer adjust her, so I had to pin the jacket a little for the photo.

also, I think I got the neckline a tiny bit askew, it’s hard to tell until I’m actually wearing it due to the wobbly broken nature of my poor old dummy


Cutting the ribbon for the ties turned out to be pretty nerve wracking because I think I paid almost as much for five metres of double sided silk ribbon at maculloch and wallis as I did for the yellow satin on ebay.

the original had alternating colours of ribbon, but matching the yellow satin, even vaguely matching it, proved impossible because it’s a very odd yellow. So I went for all blue, which looks nice enough, although two colours would have been quite cool.

I’m tempted to just stitch a strip of the blue ribbon along one edge as a kind of modesty strip because the ribbon ties inevitably leave a gap – the same gap shows on jenny tiramanis reconstruction as well, so it’s not just me. I’m also considering a hook and eye behind each tie. I know the gap must have shown on the original as well because the ribbons are right on the edge, but…

The original also had tiny cuffs, which I omitted for two reasons,

  1. I’m going to wear lace cuffs, as seen in portraits of this kind of jacket.
  2. if I had to do one more couched swirly there was a danger I would take up axe murdering.

~ by opusanglicanum on July 29, 2016.

14 Responses to “Jacket”

  1. It looks beautiful! I’m not so sure that the neckline is off; it looks more like the dummy’s neck may be off!

  2. Looks like one shoulder is a tad higher.
    Damn but the jacket looks good!
    The blue ‘modesty strip’ would look good I think

  3. I think it does look good, and although the alternating ribbons would have been cool, the blue looks very striking!

  4. it looks amazing and lace cuff sound fab!

  5. Your jacket looks superb. I like the idea of hooks and eyes behind the bows rather than a modesty strip – depending on how wide you made it, it would still have the tendency to slip around whereas the hook and eye would stabilise things more. I’d love to see it on you, not the dummy (again).

  6. It looks fab. When do we see pics of you wearing it?

  7. Just looked on Sarah Homfray’s blog. She is doing a one day course on opus anglicanum at the V&A on 12th November. Looks very different from what we are doing.
    Did you get the skirt finished for the storytelling on Monday?

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